Valerie Langer
Role in Harmony: Key interviewee in Canada segment. Has an excellent understanding of broader themes of the film.

Bio: Valerie Langer has been engaged in forest conservation campaigns for over eighteen years. She joined ForestEthics Great Bear Rainforest campaign in 2006. As the Forest Campaign director for the Friends of Clayoquot Sound (1988-2003) she pioneered the market campaign strategy of influencing logging companies by engaging their commercial customer base abroad. She was one of the founders of the coalition project that evolved into ForestEthics and was on the founding committee of Markets Initative. She initiated Second Harvest Paper Project in 2004 to accelerate commercialization of pulp and paper made with agricultural fibers.

As a freelance writer she has written feature articles and reports on the topics of forestry and First Nations for the national newspaper The Globe and Mail, for Paper Europe and for national environmental organizations. She has worked professionally and voluntarily teaching adult literacy. She holds a degree in Semiotics from the University of Toronto.