Balcony Films

Stuart and his wife and partner Julie Bergman Sender are principals in Balcony Films, Inc., a Los Angeles-based media production and consulting firm. Balcony Films produces feature and documentary films, television programs, web series and social campaigns. Balcony Films specializes in creating feature and documentary films and television programs and distributes visual content for theaters, television, radio and the web.

Balcony Films current projects include Harmony and The F Word, a feature film and campaign about Forgiveness which looks at people who are working to overcome violence and conflict around the globe. The film received initial funding from Steven Spielberg’s co-existence fund. Filming has begun with combatants from opposing sides of the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories who have begun to work together; with the father of a victim of the Oklahoma City bombing who sought out a meeting with Timothy McVeigh’s father; and with families who lost loved ones in 9-11 and met with and befriended the mother of an accused hijacker.

Balcony Films' work has been featured on network and cable television, including programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show. They've been written about in the NY Times, NY Post, Washington Post, The Times of London and extensively on the web. Balcony Films' public service campaigns have also been part of efforts that have helped register millions of new voters.